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Undergraduate Students

The SUPER lab is always looking for passionate and bright undergraduates to contribute to our lab! The SUPER lab has a number of research opportunities, including as an experimenter in our alcohol administration studies, data management on our survey-based and longitudinal projects, and coordinating the logistics and operations of the lab. Undergraduate research assistants typically commit to at least 9 hours per week (3 hours per unit of research credit). Undergraduate research assistants are required to attend one weekly lab meeting and to actively contribute to the ongoing writing projects within the lab. Lab meetings also include professional development opportunities, such as applying to graduate school, writing a personal statement, and creating a resume/CV. If you are interested in working in the lab as an undergraduate research assistant, please complete the following application and send the application and a copy of your unofficial transcript to me at For more information about the research lab, please feel free to reach to me for questions!

Current and Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Neilson is always interested in providing mentorship to graduate students whose interests align with the goals of the lab. The Master of Science in Clinical or Counseling Psychology degree at Morehead State University is a terminal degree, and as such, graduate students are not organized in labs as they are in clinical psychology doctoral programs. However it is very common for graduate students in the program to augment their research experience as they prepare to launch careers as clinicians or prepare for a doctoral program. Graduate students who are interested in gaining these research experiences may volunteer in the SUPER lab or work in the lab via a Graduate Assistantship (GA) position. It is the expectation that graduate students working in the SUPER lab will be actively involved in data collection and/or preparing manuscripts for publication. Prospective graduate students are welcome to contact Dr. Neilson for information about the ongoing research projects and to learn more about the lab!